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Isibindi Diamond Medallion Collection


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In an effort to raise awareness and generate widespread support for the millions of orphans in South Africa whose parents have died or are dying of AIDS, Mia & Kompany has designed the new Isibindi Diamond Medallion Collection. Proceeds from this limited-edition Collection will benefit Isibindi community-based child and youth care projects in South Africa.

"I was immediately touched by the Isibindi project because it allows child orphans in South Africa to stay with their siblings and receive ongoing nurturing and care in their family home," said Mia Koniver, creator Isibindi Diamond Medallion and designer of Mia & Kompany. "With the simple gesture of wearing an Isibindi Diamond Medallion, I hope to encourage the continuation and financing of this amazing project, which directly helps the growing population of children in South Africa orphaned by AIDS every day." Adopted herself, this is a project especially close to Mia's heart.

The Isibindi Diamond Medallion Collection includes a 14-karat gold or sterling silver pieces ranging in price from $190.00 to $1,120.00. Engraved on the front of each medallion are the words, "Isibindi", the name of the inspirational project in South Africa that is a Zulu word and "Dapperheid", an Afrikaans word, both of which mean "courage" in English. On each side of the medallion are also two embedded star-studded diamonds.

Isibindi Diamond Medallion The back of each medallion is engraved with the words "Isibindi Umbumbulu", which represents a region in South Africa where the Isibindi project was first piloted. The Isibindi Diamond Medallion Collection is available at Kitson in Los Angeles or online at www.shopkitson.com. To order by phone, please call Mia & Kompany at 310-205-0027.